CoCo SDC Extender

Partially Populated CoCoSDCExt Unit

Designed as a companion for Darren Atkinson’s Color Computer SD Controller (CoCoSDC), the CocoSDC Extender plugs into the controller and expands the unit with new capabilities. Full functionality of the CoCoSDC is retained, and the owner can simply package the extender and the original CoCoSDC in a single enclosure and utilize the unit without requiring any expansion system requirements such as the TANDY Multi Pak Interface (MPI).

Capabilities include:

  • 512kB of static RAM, mapped into the main memory space as additional banked RAM.
  • 512kB of rewriteable FLASH ROM
  • YMF-262 OPL3 audio controller
  • External stereo output
  • Internal audio output routable to monitor/television without additional cabling
  • Standard Program Pak enclosure fitment for standalone use

If this extender proves successful, its design will most likely be designed into a subsequent version of the CoCoSDC.