ROM-el ROM Eliminator

ROM-el ROM Eliminator
ROM-el ROM Eliminator

Another project of mine requires a way to replace the 2364 ROMs on Commodore computers, so I started looking for a 2764 to 2364 adapter. After designing one, I determined that DIP EPROMs are starting to get very expensive, so I set about designing a Flash version. My tentative name is ROM-el. Since Flash is considered ROM as well, the name is a bit off, but I liked it, and only the pedantic will probably care.

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  1. Pretty neat. Can’t you get tiny EEPROMs. On another note, I was wondering how lightweight an IP core could be made that would run a C64? I was dreaming about integrating an embedded system around a C64. Drop me a line if you don’t mind.

    [DIP EPROMs are available, but they are getting expensive, and assembly of such an adapter is cumbersome (either you need to have the board assembled sans EPROM by machine and then hand solder the EPROM after programming, or you need to pre-program EPROMs and send to the assembly house – overseas – to be assembled). This design allows the assembly house to deliver final assemblies and I can program them as needed.

    For a minimal IP code, check out uIP (which has a C64 port) or ip65:

    — Jim]

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