Anyone want to MasC=uerade?

MasC=uerade PCBBased on a customer request, I’ve designed a small adapter card that will allow C64 cartridges to be used in the Commodore VIC-20. The design is not finished, and suggestions are appreciated. Switches allow the IO and BLK select lines to be configured per cartridge. Barring any major changes to the design, I hope to have units available early 2010.

2 thoughts on “Anyone want to MasC=uerade?”

  1. Hi, This is a great idea!

    Probably the most important thing would be a socket for RAM and also a switch to enable / disable different RAM sizes.

    Would this adapter allow things like the c64nic+ to work on the Vic-20?

    Or will there still be a vic-nic32k+ one day? 😉

    ~Ken – Sj of the RCC

  2. Well, I’m a bit hesitant to start turning it into a cartridge of it’s own, because the built in functionality of the cartridge might then interfere with the functionality of the cartridge attached to the interface. But, I guess, if RAM can be switched out, it’d be OK. I’ll see how much that complicates the design.

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