64NIC+ Ethernet Cartridge Order

When the Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club approached me in late 2008 to design a low-cost ethernet cartridge for the C64/C128, I underestimated the interest. Not only has C4 sold out of their stock, but mine is gone as well.

I’m happy to report another order has been made, and should be available in a month or so. No changes, though I may take the lead time to see if I can source some cheap EPROMs for the ROM slot on the cartridge and see what I might be able to bundle in the ROM.

At some point, I’d prefer to improve on the design, but it may very well be that this design is “good enough” for what people want to do.

4 thoughts on “64NIC+ Ethernet Cartridge Order”

  1. I would like to know the features of this ethernet cartridge. Would it emulate a diskdrive or serial connection? TCP/IP in GEOS?

  2. What’s the preferred method of ordering: Through the PayPal “Buy One Now!” link on the “64NIC+ Network Card” page, or through the Online Store that you link from your site?

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