Discontinued Components!

I guess I should feel lucky I have been immune to the issue until now, but I have just received word that the newest batch of uIEC/SD units is stalled.  The SD connector has been discontinued from 3M, and though I successfully ordered a final reel of them for this production run, the supplier evidently over-committed the remaining units.  I’ve spent the last few days attempting to source a comparable option, to no avail.  Seeing no other options, I will have to redesign the board to accommodate another SD connector, which means the 200 existing PCBs are now official useless, I’ll need to order a new surface mount stencil (used to apply the solder paste to the PCB before parts are laid onto the board), and the pre-ordered units will be delayed beyond May 31.

It does cause me to wonder why 3M decided to discontinue the offering.  It was a economical and very robust connector, so I can’t imagine it was little-used.  In any case, it’s no longer available, and I’m left to find a suitable replacement and notify customers of the additional delay.