Micro ZoomFloppy

Micro ZoomFloppy
Micro ZoomFloppy

During a discussion on the Lemon64 forum, someone suggested a version of ZoomFloppy that would fit inside the CBM drive.  After some tweaks to the idea, I hereby present “Micro ZoomFloppy”.  This unit will sit in the 6522 IC socket and provides complete ZoomFloppy functionality.  The only external connection is a USB jack

Though the board looks finished, it’s just a rough draft.  Some pin changes would help with layout, and I still have one wire to route.  Still, it is coming along nicely.

In case you’re wondering, the 2×8 connector on the bottom is the parallel port header.  The PCB serves double duty.  When fully populated, it’s a complete ZoomFloppy unit.  But, if not populated, it can still be used to add parallel port capabilities to a 1541 device.


4 thoughts on “Micro ZoomFloppy”

  1. Very nice, Jim!

    Any chance there’s room for a 1×4 header (even just to solder wires into the holes) to wire a panel-mount USB-B port to?

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