ROM-el ROM Eliminator

ROM-el ROMEliminator


ROM-el brings contemporary FLASH ROM storage to vintage applications.

Bridging the gap between newer and mature ROM options/packaging, the 2364 ROM-el offers 1Mbit (128kB) of Atmel FLASH ROM storage (AT49F001AN) in an easy to utilize MOS 2364 DIP footprint.  In addition, overflow addressing lines are available on the ROM-el to enable bank switching and other targeted ROM applications.


ROM-el comes in 2 variations:

  • ROM-el 2364 – 24 pin device suitable to replace 2364 ROMs with active-low select lines.
  • ROM-el 23128/256 – 28 pin device replacing 28 pin 23128 and 23256 ROMs


  • EPROM/FLASH Programmer that supports Atmel AT49F001 FLASH memory
  • (for 2364 ROM-el) adapter to remap 2364 pinout to JEDEC standard pinout.  We recommend utilizing a 2364 Adapter PCB wired in reverse.


ROM-el models can be purchased at the RETRO Innovations Online Store.


Units come with a 30 days return policy and 1 year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the ROM-el be reprogrammed while installed?

As must applications would replace a ROM, which does not offer a write enable line required for reprogramming, ROM-el must be programmed prior to installation.

What FLASH ROM is contained on the ROM-el?

Each unit contains a Atmel AT49F001 128kB FLASH ROM

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