Swimming in Cables!

Boxes of IEC Cables!

It appears I’m now the proud owner of 2600 custom manufactured IEC disk drive cables. Yes, you read correctly. 2600 IEC cables, with 26 AWG 6-conductor wire, shield, and DIN 6 connectors with molded covers. I know, it is insane, but it’s prohibitively expensive to order custom cables in smaller quantities, and it seemed like such cables were becoming a bit scarce. Well, no more! 🙂

1.2M (48") IEC Cables

The shipment of cables arrived this morning via eight 35 pound boxes. The cables are of 2 lengths: 48″ and 12″. Most of the cables were shipped here, but a box of 12″ cables is enroute to Gideon Zweijtzer for 1541U-II orders. Thus, if you’re a 1541U-II purchaser, hopefully this means an IEC cable will be included in your order.

The 48″ cable is already in the store, and I’ll add the 12″ option as soon as I can.

If you’re one of my friends in our neighboring country to the North and you’re interested in a 48″ cable, I’d recommend checking JPPBM‘s store out for a price check, as shipping from the US can be a bear. Currently, Joe’s not requesting 12″ cables, but I have plenty. Thus, if there is CA interest in 12″ cables, I’d recommend soliciting Joe to buy a batch for sale in his store.

0.3M (12") IEC Cables