We’re on Facebook

Thought not everyone spends time on the prevalent social network, it’s clearly a valuable way to stay in touch with consumers.  As well, it gives satisfied customers another way to promote our products with a minimum of effort.

However, I’ll admit that’s not why I signed up for a business account.  I did so for two reasons:

    • There are times when I want to share a minor update with others about the company, but it’s not worthy of a blog post.
    • Many satisfied customers are interesting in “friending” my personal Facebook account.  I’m flattered, but I feel like my life is the intersection of two social graphs.  I sincerely doubt my college roommates care about business updates, and I can’t imaging customers want to know about family issues and triumphs.

      Thus, RETRO Innovations has joined Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/go4retro. I will continue to post worthwhile items to the web site, and will post incremental updates or interesting project information to Facebook.

      As soon as the Facebook Developer site is fixed (I’m getting errors today, and I’m not alone), I will finish the integration between this site and FB.  That should allow the FB items to display on the site as well.