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New Store Items

by on Mar.16, 2012, under Storefront

We’ve added some additional items in the store for both hobbyists and users:

IEEE 488 Cable

IEEE 488 Cable

We now have 3′ (36″, nearly 1meter) IEEE 488 cables in stock.  They are heavy duty shielded cables with “passthrough” IEEE connectors on each end

DB-15 Parallel Cable

DB-15 Parallel Cable

We also now stock 6′ (~2M) DB15-F to DB15-F cables that can be used for parallel drive access with products like ZoomFloppy.


On the connector front, we’re added VIC-20 expansion port connectors, cassette port connectors, and C64/C128 expansion port connectors to the store.

To fill out our EPROM offerings, we’re happy to announce we’ve found a nice supply of new 27C64 and 27C256 EPROMs in addition to replenishing our stock of 27C020s.

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New Connector in Stock!

by on Nov.02, 2011, under Storefront

12/24 .156" Edge Connectors

12/24 .156" Edge Connectors

Looking for 12/24 .156″ edge connectors for your Commodore user port project or a IEEE interface that will connect to the PET/CBM computer IEEE port? RETRO Innovations has sourced 2,000 units with pins that can be installed in a PCB or soldered to the edge of a PCB.  These connectors do not have the mounting ears, to allow maximum flexibility for fit.  They are in the store for purchase now!

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IEEE-488 Connector Price Reduction

by on Jul.23, 2011, under Storefront

IEEE-488 Connector

IEEE-488 Connector

I wanted to quickly note that the new IEEE-488 Connectors have arrived and are now available in the store.  I’ve also reduced the price on the units to reflect the more economical source.

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