ROM-el test boards

ROM-el Merged Board Set
ROM-el Merged Board Set

The PCB house shipped the first two ROM-el boards for inspection and testing. Once they are assembled and testing, I will release the design to production.

As one can see, the PCB is a merged set of 4 designs.  The tabs between the designs are designed to be broken, separating the individual units after assembly.

3 thoughts on “ROM-el test boards”

  1. It’s still not clear to me how I can order any of this great hardware. Where’s the ‘Buy Me’ button?

    [In progress. – ed ]

  2. Hi, Yet another wonderful project!.

    Any idea on the sale prices yet?

    Also will I be able to just drop one in my True USB Willem EPROM programmer and program them like the old style IC’s?

    Ken – vk4akp
    Sj of `The RCC’

    1. Still working on finalizing pricing.

      No, you will need an adapter, as the units will feature 2364 and 23128/23256 pinouts, but will likely be 49X series FLASH under the covers.

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