ZoomFloppy Production

ZoomFloppy PCB
ZoomFloppy PCB

After a couple rounds of final tweaks by myself and Nate Lawson, I’ve released the ZoomFloppy PCB to production.  The board has been designed to fit inside a standard Hammond 1591XX Black ‘S’ or Translucent ‘TBU’ case. In addition to the normal IEC connector and the Mini USB Type ‘B’ connector, you’ll find a number of additional connection options:

  • A DB-15 “Parallel” socket.  This uses the defacto standard pin mappings
  • A 2×8 Header.  This uses RapiDOS/ProfessionalDOS pin mappings
  • 2×20 Debug Header.  This provides access to each pin of the interface and was designed to allow use of industry standard IDE cables
  • 2×12 IEEE-488 Header.  Since the IEEE-488 Centronics connector can be hard to source and expensive, this connector offers a much cheaper alternative.
  • IEEE-488 24 pin Centronics connector.  The industry standard GPIB/HPIB/IEEE-488 connector.
  • User Port Edge Connector.  This allows the use of older parallel drive cables that assume a connection to the C64 user port.

Only the Mini USB, IEC, and DB-15 connectors will be populated standard.  The IEEE-488 connectors will be stocked when ZoomFloppy adds IEEE drive support, though they will be optional.