X-Pander 3 Coming Soon!

X-Pander 3 Cartridge Expansion Unit

In my continuing effort to sell more products for your Commodore computer, I determined users would buy more cartridge-based solutions if they could plug more into their machine at one time 🙂 Thus, given the lack of cartridge expansion options on the market at present, I am producing the X-Pander. Modeled off the CMD EX-3, CMD EX2+1, and the FB-3XP, X-Pander offers the following features and design aspects:

  • 3 upright expansion slots
  • 1 rear-facing slot for larger cartridge options (REU, etc.)
  • Each slot can be controlled via 8 DIP switches (GAME,EXROM,IO1,IO2,ROML,ROMH,POWER are selectable)
  • Slots #2 and #3 can swap IO lines (IO1->IO2, IO2->IO1)
  • Power LED indicators for each slot
  • Switches are located on right side for easy access
  • IO1/IO2 swap option located on right side for easy access
  • Long throw “piano” lever switches used for ease of configuration
  • Slot #3 can be accessed via top or rear port.

The prototype units have arrived and have been tested, production units are currently in manufacturing and should be in the store in a month.  Current pricing estimates are $30.00.

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