X-Pander3, VIC-20 Edition

XPander3 VIC PCB
XPander3 VIC PCB

After a lengthy wait, I am finally finishing the VIC version of the X-Pander3 cartridge expansion system.  The design is subject to some more changes, but I am starting to source the required cartridge port connectors needed for the design.

The unit shares design elements from the C64 version, but provides maximum flexibility for the VIC-20 owner:

  • I/O2 and I/O3 are swappable
  • All BLK and RAM signals can be switched
  • As with the C64 version, Slot 3 can be vertical or horizontal
  • Standoffs to align board with height of expansion port
  • All controls are located on right side for ease of access
  • The ubiquitous “RESET” switch!

The unit will likely retail for a bit more than the C64 version, mainly due to the additional components and the larger (7.5″x5.0″) PCB size.

Astute viewers will notice an unused switch on each bank.  I invite suggestions for use.