uIEC/SD Daughterboard Redesign

uIEC/SD Connector v3.1
uIEC/SD Daughterboard v3.1

With the next batch of uIEC/SD units, I found both financial and feature-enhancement reasons to redesign the connector daughterboard.

Compared to the earlier daughtercard option, there are some key advantages to the new unit:

  • Dual IEC connectors.  No longer much the uIEC/SD be the last unit in the IEC bus chain.
  • Onboard RESET button
  • Via jumper, Machine reset can optional reset uIEC/SD.
  • Better function button access
  • Solder pads for all major functions (buttons, PWR, GND)
  • No more pigtail power connector
  • Mini-USB power supply support

The only downside to the new design is the IEC port placement.  On the C64/C64C, the IEC ports will interfere with the user port, while they will interfere with IEC and Video ports on the C128/C128D.  The C128DCR seems to be least affected.  Thus, I am still debating design elements.  Comments/Thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Why the change now?

  • Significant savings can be realized by utilizing a new IEC jack footprint.
  • I am running low on C2NPower PCBs (used for the pigtail) and resupply is not cost effective at present.
  • Wiring pigtails takes time, which in turn slows down order fulfillment.
  • Some people object to the power pigtail approach.