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New uIEC/SD Connector Found

by on Jun.07, 2011, under Hardware Design

SD Card Socket

SD Card Socket

Though I tried for weeks to source a few more of the connectors used on the current uIEC/SD design, the effort proved fruitless.  In parallel, I started asking suppliers for other options.  As the hope for more old stock dwindled, I decided to source a new connector.  I selected a connector that is both less expensive than the older option and can be sourced from multiple companies.  This should alleviate my dependence on a single supplier for such a critical component.

I also purchased a stock of Micro SD sockets.  The price was right, and I think it’s time I designed something using uSD.

Of course, this decision implies I have to finish the new uIEC/SD board design, spin a new board, and create a new surface mount stencil.  Still, the total cost compares favorably to buying old stock SD connectors, even if they were available.


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