C2N Power!

C2N Power! PCB
C2N Power! PCB

Given a need to order more C2NPower cassette port power adapters, RETRO Innovations has revamped and expanded the functionality of this tiny product.  In addition to providing a tap for 5VDC for powered peripherals and a layout that includes holes for the Atmel ATTINY24/44/84 AVR microcontrollers, the new design also includes support for the MAXIM DS1307+ (and compatibles) Real Time Clock and the 24CXXXX line of serial EEPROMs.

Before we roll this new design into production, we’re looking for a couple of proficient assembly language developers who could help us develop some functions for reading and writing the time to the RTC and reading/writing data to the EEPROM.  The protocol is I2C, using the MOTOR and WRITE lines for SCK and SDA, respectively.  The only nuance is that MOTOR line is inverted.  We’re hoping some folks would like to compose a bit of code in exchange for a free  C2N Power! unit (with EEPROM and RTC supported).  Ideally, we’d like to create some common 6502 code for the basic routines that can be used on the PET, 40XX, 80XX, VIC, 64, and C128 machines with only minor variations among platforms.

Thus, if you or someone you know could help, please let us know via our contact page. Feel free to repost as appropriate.




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  1. Some I2C based ethernet controller chip would be fantastic btw 🙂 Sure, no direct TFE/RR-Net/etc compatibility, but still it’s interesting, mainly because TFE/RR-Net are just too expensive and they are “only” eth cartridges (also the used CS8900a controller chip is not so 8 bit friendly, I guess the programming and transfer speed can be superior with C2n-power even if it’s via a serial – I2C – bus type …), I am curious how cheap would be to have ethernet solution with an extra I2C chip interfacing with this project which also gives you extra features over those. And it’s quite multi platform!! Cool!!

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