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PS/2 Encoder Units Shipping!

by on Nov.12, 2011, under Hardware Design, Storefront

Fully Assembled PS/2 Encoder with IDC Connector

Fully Assembled PS/2 Encoder with IDC Connector

Both complete and kit-based PS/2 Encoder units are now shipping in the RETRO Innovations store.  We made some last minute firmware enhancements, and are shipping with an upgraded microcontroller, the Atmel ATMEGA168 (16kB of FLASH ROM, the current firmware needs only ~4kB).

The web site will shortly be updated with pinouts and configuration notes.  Stay tuned!

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PS2Encoder Available for Order

by on Oct.15, 2011, under Hardware Design

PS2Encoder PCB

PS2Encoder PCB

Just a quick note that I’ve received the first batch of PS2Encoder PCBs and have placed them in the store. Assembled units might take a few weeks, but kits should be available in a week, and PCBs are available now. The firmware might yet have a bug or two, so I encourage initial buyers to be somewhat technically savvy, in case reprogramming is needed.


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