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uIEC_Man (GEOS Image Manager)

by on Dec.25, 2011, under Software Development

Werner Weicht has released uIEC_Man, a GEOS utility that supports mounting and unmounting different disk images while in GEOS.  The utility works with GEOS, Wheels, and Megapatch V3.  As Werner notes, users are highly encouraged to read the included manual before starting the utility.

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sd2iec 0.10.2 Now Available

by on Dec.18, 2011, under Software Development

Ingo Korb has recently released version 0.10.2 of sd2iec, which is the firmware that powers devices like the uIEC.  A list of enhancements is noted below.  Because the uIEC can auto-update itself, users need only download the ZIP archive, unpack the contents onto a partition 1 of their SD card, IDE HDD, or CF card, and reboot.

Changes in sd2iec 0.10.2:

  • Correct end of generated raw directory information
  • compiling with all fastloaders disabled should now work
  • ULoad M3 auto-exits when ATN becomes active
  • Improve code size (to free enough space for…)
  • Support new fastloader: ELoad Version 1 (the one used by EasyProg)
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sd2iec 0.10.1 Released

by on Dec.25, 2010, under Hardware Design, Software Development

Ingo Korb has released a minor update to sd2iec (used in uIEC, among other solutions). Users are encouraged to update to this release.  Fixes/Features include:

  • U1/2, B-R/W commands now work without a trailing CR character (reported by Draco)
  • UI now always reports the dos version no matter what characters are following unless it’s a + or -. Previously anything but ±/nothing would result in a SYNTAX ERROR which doesn’t match what a 1541 would do. (reported by skoe)
  • JiffyDOS timing optimized, now loads a massive 1.8% faster!
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